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Carpet Cleaning Service

It is time to treat yourself and get your carpet to its fluffiest neutral shades. Our carpet cleaning service will take good care of it. Regardless of the carpet type, CR Surface Care carpet cleaning service knows how to deal with any type of stains, and we do not just spot-clean it, we do it thoroughly, soap-free to get out all the dust, germs and toxins.

Carpets are like the mirror of your home, and they require regular maintenance; whether they are polyester, nylon, or wool carpets, they are always in the spotlight, so be sure your guests will notice even the slightest imperfection. Maintaining your carpet cleaning is important, especially for people who are prone to allergies because carpets are an ideal playground for dust mites and similar allergens. Vacuuming is often not enough to get out all the dirt and germ. More professional tools are required for deep cleaning. Besides, we go over them every day, which leaves marks and damages on fibers, and piles up the dirt among them.

We understand that many people do not have the time to thoroughly clean all the carpets in their homes on a regular basis. Our cleaning process contains five steps, which are all necessary in order for a carpet to be perfectly clean and allergen-free.

We offer specialized services for pet owners and treat pet stains differently, we use the latest technology and strongest machines on the market and have experience with all types of stains and carpet types. To ensure your carpet will be spotless once we are done, we use a 5-step process:

  • Pre-Vacuuming. Our carpet cleaning process starts with vacuuming because vacuuming can clean up to 90% of all dry particles. 
  • Spot-treatment. We will pre-spray the entire surface but with special attention to any spots and high-traffic areas. The spray we use will loosen up the rest of the dirt, bacteria, or dust that is stuck on the fibers.
  • Truck-mounted steam cleaning. For this phase, we use one of the strongest machines on the market that combines vacuum and hot water, leaving no dirt behind.
  • Drying. We like to enhance the natural drying process with a ceiling fan if available, or with other mobile fans in each room.
  • Fiber protection. As a final step, we will apply a protection layer that will ease the maintenance and prevent stains.

If you’re having trouble cleaning or removing stains and dirt from your carpet, consider CR Surface Care as your carpet cleaning service. We’re local, affordable, friendly, and trustworthy. Contact us today and see how our customer experience and luxury cleaning service is better.

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My name if Jeff Kondra. I’m the owner operator of CR Surface Care. When you scheduling a cleaning, I’ll be the professional who will arrive at you home or business performing your scheduled cleaning. I’m dedicated to providing the absolute best service in the industry. No tricks, No gimmicks, No upsells. I’m here to stand behind my work, my company, and to make sure you receive the best service and cleaning that you’ve requested.

If you’ve never hired CR Surface Care for a cleaning, I invite and encourage you to schedule a cleaning that will make your home or business feel and look amazing when I’m done. I’m confident you will be a happy customer after one of my luxury cleaning services. I believe in using all natural cleaning agents, and committed to 100% satisfaction of our customers.


CR Surface Care offers specialized services for pet owners and treat pet stains differently, I use the latest technology and strongest machines on the market and have experience with all types of stains and carpet types. To ensure your carpet will be spotless once we are done, we use a 5-step process:

I begin your cleaning by vacuuming your carpet. This removes about 90% of all dry soil that is in your floor. Not many companies do this as a standard practice. Just imagine all of the dirt and dust mixed with water? Nobody wants mud in the carpet and then try to remove it with the cleaning process. The vacuum stage is the most important step to your cleaning. By removing 90% of the dust and dirt before the water touches the fibers, we are providing you with the cleanest floors possible.

I start the carpet cleaning process by using a pre-spray solution on the toughest spots and high traffic areas. Although all of the areas receive the pre spray, these heavily soiled areas tend to be the worst in the home and get special attention. The solution that I apply is necessary to help loosen the dirt and soil that is on the fiber of the carpet. The solution will break down bacteria, odors, dust, dirt, you name it. Pet stains are treated differently and you will be notified and offered an optional solution for this. I use a urine light called the PP5000 that will show you everywhere the urine or bodily fluid is located on the carpet. At this point, we will discuss with you how to move forward with the cleaning.

CR Surface Care uses the Sapphire Scientific 870. This is one of the strongest machines on the market. Providing 260* hot water combined with a vacuum that will blow you away, you are guaranteed to have the cleanest carpets. This will give you a cleaner and drier carpet! Our powerful 870, hot water cleaning system, is far superior to most companies in town. We do multiple cleaning stokes to ensure that the CR Surface Care team leaves your carpet in almost new condition. We always do multiple “dry strokes” as well. This ensures that the majority of any water is removed from the carpet fiber which gives our customers a quicker dry time. You will never have crunchy carpet again after using CR Surface Care.

Once the cleaning process is finished in each area, we turn on a ceiling fan if available and optional fans will be placed in each room.  The speed driers will help speed up the drying process. Most homes are almost dry before we leave the house. Although certain situations, I  always tell customers that normal full drying is around 4 hours or so.

The application of carpet or fiber protector is like an insurance policy. This will help keep your carpet cleaner, longer. I use Dupont and Scotchguard as our fiber protector and will make your carpet cleaning last much longer. This product is resistant to almost everything, so spills and dry soil don’t turn your clean carpets into a mess again. This makes cleanups smooth and effortless. This product will prevent stains as well. Applying carpet fiber protector also makes vacuuming easier and more efficient. You will notice the protection difference right away, even in those high-traffic walkways. If you want to fully take advantage of your cleaning, this is a highly recommended step to finalize your cleaning.