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There are all types of stains that can accumulate on your tile and grout and they include things like ink, grease, cooking oils, food and beverage spills, and mild detergents. Some stains can actually dry on the tile without being wiped off. This can occur when a particular area of the tile is left moist for a long period of time. Depending on your type of tile, detergent stains can penetrate deeper in those areas.

You should not only use a tile and grout cleaning service to clean your floors, you will also need to make sure they have the experience with cleaning your stone floor type. Travertine, Marble, Granite, and Ceramic tile are all different materials and need to be cleaned accordingly.

Travertine Vs Other Flooring

Travertine might be a robust and long-lasting stone floor choice but that in no way makes it immune to damage done to it in the long run due to climatic changes, frequent spills, ink, grease, stains, and foot-traffic.

While travertine stone is deemed to be very resilient, it is still absolutely imperative that your floors are cleaned regularly and maintained periodically by an experienced tile and grout cleaning service. This will not only allow your tiles to keep their pristine and attractive appearance, but will also add to the life of your travertine flooring. It is very important that the tiles are cleaned properly and thoroughly with products that won’t harm or react with the stone that only a tile and grout cleaning professional will know.

If you are not able to completely remove all the stains and dirt from your tile floors, consider CR Surface Care for your tile and grout cleaning. We’re local, affordable, friendly, and trustworthy. Contact us today and see how our customer experience and luxury cleaning service is better.

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My name if Jeff Kondra. I’m the owner operator of CR Surface Care. When you scheduling a cleaning, I’ll be the professional who will arrive at you home or business performing your scheduled cleaning. I’m dedicated to providing the absolute best service in the industry. No tricks, No gimmicks, No upsells. I’m here to stand behind my work, my company, and to make sure you receive the best service and cleaning that you’ve requested.

If you’ve never hired CR Surface Care for a cleaning, I invite and encourage you to schedule a cleaning that will make your home or business feel and look amazing when I’m done. I’m confident you will be a happy customer after one of my luxury cleaning services. I believe in using all natural cleaning agents, and committed to 100% satisfaction of our customers.


Pre spray grout lines and tile to soften embedded dirt, soil, grease and grime.

We clean your floor with high pressure and hot water. This process is like a mini pressure washer that will blast out all dirt from the grout. The dirty water is vacuumed into the truck leaving your floor dry within 10 minutes. Although the grout lines will take 24-48 hours to fully dry, you will be able to walk on your floor as soon as we leave.

Sealing your floor is an optional step. We recommend this to help prevent any staining to your clean floor. We use a solvent based product that will help keep your floors cleaner and longer than normal. The sealer will help keep soil, liquid spills whether from oil or water based spills from staining your grout. Once applied, this product will dry in about 20 minutes. The sealer will be fully cured in about 72 hours for maximum protection.

1 Color-Sealer: is a premium urethane grout sealer that can be color matched to your liking. We have over 20 different colors to choose from.  Cement grout can change over the years and have variations of color after years of cleaning and or abuse. Color sealer is a great option for floors that have been abused over time or for the customer that just wants to freshen up the room without having to rip out the floor.  Color sealer is not necessary but does guarantee a perfect looking grout.  


Color Sealer installed by CR Surface Care is warranted not to stain for 10 years. This warranty is limited to staining and does require periodic maintenance cleaning by CR Surface Care.